Using Wyze to Help Rescued Animals

My daughter has rescued a dog that was left in the desert. He is traumatized and will not come out of his cage. Even less allow people to touch him. A Wyze cam has been set up near his cage to monitor his movements. He does come out to explore in the middle of the night only. When humans are not there.

I am unable to upload video as it says I a new user.

Still want to share


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@m2brenesp Poor pup. I have bumped up your forum trust level so you should be able to post the video now.

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Videos of Luigi the rescued pup


Luigi is adorable! :sparkling_heart: God bless you all for rescuing him and may he experience the love and companionship he deserves. :+1:


Oh no! That poor pupper! :sob:

I’m so glad that your daughter is helping this rescue dog and that we’re able to help streamline the process. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Poor pup. We have had a recuse for a year now. Finally seems to have come out of his shell. Have patience with him. Eventually he will be in your lap.