#CapturedOnWyzeCam July 2018 #NationalPetMonth "Bustin' loose"

We got our new dog, Max, from a rescue - he’s a couple years old, and he’d been doing well while we were at work in his pen, but one day we had plans after work, so we only had time to get home, take him outside, feed him, then put him back in his pen so we could go out for our plans. He was apparently not a big fan of being put back in his pen so quickly. We were shocked when he greeted us at the front door when we got home, so of course, I checked the camera to see how he got out. Looks like he’s training for an obstacle course race!

IMG_0352.TRIM_.mov (3.06 MB)

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Ha ha. Time for a roof! Or is that woof?

hahah… now, we just let him have free roam of the house… not worth the risk of him hurting himself getting out of prison!