#CapturedOnWyzeCam - National Pet Month

Do your pets have secret lives? Have you captured any on Wyze Cam?

It’s National Pet Month this May! Submit videos of your pet to this month’s #CapturedOnWyzeCam contest here. One winner will walk away with something special for your furry friend!

Happy Pet Month!

  • Submitting a non-pet related video will not disqualify your submission, but a pet video will definitely increase your chance of winning this month.

Moments after returning from a 4 mile walk…

After-4-mile-walk.mov (4.15 MB)

Fernie is talking to a couple of “Wyze Guys”


This contest seems a little prejudiced in its advertising- ONLY FURRY FRIENDS? What about feathered?

My pet is a hammy little Lovebird, who loves to show off for his Wyze cam. He’s gonna enter and win!

Yay! Feathered Wyzecammer

Herman & Gretchen letting me know they want me to come home and play outside on this gorgeous day!

Our bunny likes to hang out at the office behind one of the PCs, so one of our cameras is pointed there :smiley:


The white cat, we know about. She is ours. The grey cat; not sure where it came from, but apparently it visits ALL THE TIME when no one is home. #TheThingsYouLearnWithWyze

This is Pierre Ortolan. Aka “Stinky” .


He loves when I check in on him from work.

My 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer being mischievous while I’m not home.



P.S. His “stage name” is Gluten :slight_smile:

Caught red-pawed! Brooklyn nesting to make things perfectly comfortable....for months we’ve been blaming the wrong dog!

E63F4BA9-84BE-4144-9831-D724785812E9.mov (7.71 MB)

These two cats just keep coming around and won’t let me pet them.

EF2AB97F-C10A-4F6A-AF87-9670C0018D6D.mov (1.48 MB)


ArachnoCam…Pets come in any number of legs.

Yes… must be THAT Wyze Guy. :wink:

Was checking in on our 6 month old puppy named Mae while I was at work & caught her eating her crate mat red-pawed (red handed but with dogs?). She was unphased by my attempt to tell her to stop and continued her hard work.

Caught my doggie (Madison) and kitty (Holly) hanging out at my backyard gate

Coco very excited at in and out drive through

Holy moly what do they do if they don’t do a 4 mile walk?

Fernie is so cute, awwww.