#Captured on Wyze Cam Contest May 2018

So I initially thought my mother-in-law may have been hearing things when she told me my dog was howling after I left the house. I had a different camera in place for quite a while, but never heard it. Now, with my Wyze camera, I was able to record it and prove that she’s not losing her mind.

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LOL he misses you

Actually, she’s just a bit nuts. She’s a lab that doesn’t like water, won’t fetch, and had never had a chew toy.


Baze VS the giant grey boot… :slight_smile:

IMG_2422.mov (2.88 MB)

In our house we happen to have 4 animals, I know crazy… Not planned :slight_smile: Just how it ended up… Anyway with our Wyze Cam we have been able to keep up on them and I have discovered my little crazy orange Baze cat is such a chatter!

Bird’s eye view from my Wyzecam2! (In the second file!)