Two Day Dog

Some A@#$%&* dumped this dog out in the court in front of my house 2 nights ago in the early AM. Full of fleas, skinny, hungry and very skittish. I found it in my driveway about 5:30 AM and gave it water and food for two days. Last night I have about 50 min worth of video of different women trying to catch the dog without luck until 11:00 PM last night (None of them are the dogs owner), She always got spooked and ran under the fence across the street out of reach-she was back in my driveway this morning. I gave her some more food and water, played with her for about 7 hours until her animal services "taxi "arrived about 2:00 PM today. The two young ladies checked her for a chip (None/Collar None and got her in a doggie carrier with my help. They said the next order off business was first a Flea Bath, then shots and then later a Fix’n so no puppies the hopefully adoption.
I just don’t understand why people just throw pets/animals away like trash. I am both depressed/ and pi$$ed off about it. I hope she finds a good loving home.


Well done! Three Dog Night  for you! :slight_smile:

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