TestFlight invitation code


I recently replaced my phone and reinstalled all apps. In doing so, my TestFlight is now unconnected from the Wyze apps. Could my invitation code be sent to me again please?

You will need to send them a message via the Beta Facebook page. I don’t think they’ll see it here.

I guess I’m extremely discombobulated, I’m not even on the Beta Facebook page. :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can get someone to respond to you here.



software engineer here and would love to participate in beta.

May I have an invitation code?



Here’s how you can sign up for beta program! Join the Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter beta - TestFlight - Apple

Here’s how you can sign up for beta program! Join the Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter beta - TestFlight - Apple


The link above simply says the beta is full. When I install the APP, it is asking for Invitation code. I am wondering how can I install the beta version, or
May I know why the multi-camera simultaneous viewing is not enable in IOS?

Try that one. I took it 2 days ago and no code asked.

Edit: forget it. Same message…

Oh no. Why Wyze has not updated the main app for muti-camera simultaneously viewing option. It discourages from using Wyze especially if you want to buy more products…

You can view 4 cams at once with the app.

This feature is already available. See support article.


Thanks for mentioning this. The Android App has a different interface but I figured it out.

In the group, my V2 automatically opens I have to click the :arrow_forward: for the WCO to connect (just realized this is because it does not live stream by default)

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Never mind. I figured it out… by creating groups… Cameras in one groups can be viewed simultaneously. Thank you so much… now I can buy more cameras :slight_smile: is there a deal!! :slight_smile:

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I have same problem with the provided link to get the Beta App. How can we get Invitation code? TestFlight message is “ WYZE - This beta is full “
TestFlight is asking me to get an invitation code from Wyze to redeem in TestFlight.