Temporarily use iPhone for doorbell internet?

We are a week or two out from getting installation of internet.

Is it possible to temporarily use an iPhone hotspot for the doorbell pending installation?

I’m skeptical, as iPhones seem dicey on behaving as hotspots, and seem to require manual connection even when they shouldn’t (I’m looking at you, MacBook!).

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I have recently tested a hot spot, both iOS and Android for use with a Wyze Plug and they worked without issues. The only thing to note is:

  1. The Devie you are using to set the doorbell / Plug / etc, must be on the same Hot Spot as it will utilize the WiFi information to setup the item.

  2. There is a setting that tells the Hot Spot to stay on regardless if something is connected, make sure you do that.

  3. When you get you internet connection, you will have to set it up again to ensure you have the SSID and Password for your local WiFi. If you name your Hot Spot as to the SSID you will be using and set the password to what you plan on using, then when you get you WiFi setup and enter in the Same SSID and Password, you Doorbell should just work.

Since you will be getting a Doorbell, doesn’t hurt to try it out. :slight_smile:


But as I look at the settings for personal hotspot on mine (12 pro max, or such, on bleeding edge iOS), the only settings I see are

  • allow others to join (basic on/off),
  • wi-fi password (to set it)
  • family sharing, and
  • maximize compatibility

Or is there another setting hiding somewhere else that we missed?

(I think the phone in question at that location is an SE)

hmm, Home Depot has these in stock locally. I’ll go pick one up to mess with and install here, too.

I’ve picked one up.

It configured using my wife’s iPhone 12 for a hotspot.

after maybe half an hour of no activity, though, it dropped the hotspot connection.

This leads to the doorbell simply blinking yellow.

the iPhone that would become the actual hotspot can/will stay plugged in, and would have no other purpose, if that makes a difference.

One of the issues with the newer IOS versions being used as a hotspot is that if you are attempting to connect a non-Apple device, the hotspot iPhone MUST be on the “Personal hotspot” page and the screen MUST be unblanked. Once the connection is made, those requirements do not apply with one HUGE gotcha. If the connection drops for any reason, the iPhone will again need to be on the “Personal hotspot” page with the screen unblanked in order for the non-Apple device to re-connect.
I have used my #$%^& iPhone as a hotspot for Wyze cameras on quite a few occasions. It generally works - at least for a while.

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It worked overnight, even with her phone doing whatever iPhones do when unplugged in the dark.

We left the house, and I had to restart the hotspot–but then it quickly connected.

I’ll see if her phone can stay home for the next couple of days before we leave, but at the moment, it looks promising as an interim solution for a few days.


Huh, thanks, so that explains why my iPhone has been so unreliable when used for brief periods as a hotspot. I keep ending up switching back to an Android phone hotspot instead, even though it is my personal account.