Temperature Setpoint Differs From Programmed Setpoint

Thermostat installation at an elderly parents home went fine, operation is fine, interface to app and Alexa is fine. After several days of operation, it was apparent that the cooling setpoint (CSP) occasionally differed from what was programmed, generally 2 degrees lower than programmed. For example, we have only one schedule, with two blocks - Home at 8:30 am, Sleep at 9:00 pm. The Temperature Preferences are Home HSP is 74F, Home CSP is 80F; Sleep HSP is 74F, Sleep CSP is 81F (just 1 degree higher at night).
Yet, for the majority of any day, the displayed cooling setpoint on the app is 78F, and the thermostat seems to hold that SP very easily. The app display shows “Heat to: 73, Cool to: 78, Welcome home, it’s 78 in your Thermostat”.
We are unable to get technical support to say if this is caused by the Behavior settings, possibly by someone touching the front knob of the thermostat, or an older Alexa setpoint that was not properly released in the priority scheme. Basically, they will not reveal any technical data about the thermostat or how to best troubleshoot it in the field.
If we cannot get an answer through the forum, basically there is no choice but to abandon the product and go purchase another brand with fewer issues.
Any help would be appreciated. Even if there is a means to determine what is currently in control of the setpoint/priority, that would suffice, i.e. schedule, knob, Alexa. I understand this is unlikely.
Thanks in advance.

I read through your issue and for the heck of it I put it in Auto mode to see what setpoints it displayed for me. My heating setpoint is 70 and cooling is 77 for the current program with home state and it displayed that for a few seconds and then changed the heating setpoint to 68 without me doing anything! Cooling did stay at 77. So I looked at my temperature preferences and my heating is 68 and cooling is 77 for home state. So I changed my heating preference to 69 and sure enough, after a few seconds the setpoint changed to 69. It didn’t work this way before the last firmware update, you could have different setpoints between your preferences and program. I’ve been running cooling since the last update and didn’t notice the issue since my cooling temp preferences match my programed state setpoints.

If this was done intentionally, then there is no purpose in having temperature setpoints in the program anymore since it’s using the state temperature settings.

That’s a good point to try, placing it in Cooling mode. Currently, it has been in Auto since installation. The eventual problem will be as we approach milder weather here on the east coast, where automatically switching between heating and cooling is important for an elder parent.
I will try Cooling mode for a couple of days and see how that affects the setpoint.
I come from the engineering side of the HVAC industry and am quite familiar with the complexity involving multiple commands to a device, priority levels and proper release to accommodate networked devices. I suspect that Wyze may not have worked out all the bugs in the proper release of higher priority commands to allow the schedule to take precedence when needed. But, we’ll see. I’ve been told they have escalated this issue so that their programmers can chime in.
Thanks much.

I’m not sure if they created this intentionally or unintentionally. The previous FW would run the temps in the program and if the state changed it would run the temp in your preferences for that state until it would get to a schedule change point and then start running the program again. Now it seems to ignore the temps in the program and use the temp preferences for the state it is in which makes no sense to me.

It’s too bad we can’t revert back to older FW as this issue along with the IR sensor no longer changing the away to home states makes me want to go back!

Well, that experiment failed. I had changed the t’stat from “Auto” switchover, to “Cool” mode only last night. This morning, once it went through a programmed schedule state change from “Sleep” to “Home”, it reverted back to the 78F setpoint (which is the mystery setpoint), rather than the programmed setpoint of 80F for Home state.
Unfortunately, without some form of communication back from tech support on how to fix this issue, the Wyze thermostat will not be on the wall much longer. I’ll give them a few more days to get back to me, since they’re on the west coast and I’m east coast.

As one more experiment, we left the t’stat in Cooling Only mode, manually adjusted the temperature setpoint through the Android app to 80F. We also adjusted all Temperature Preferences to a range of 75-81F, simply to ensure their cooling setpoints were more than 2F above the “mystery” setpoint of 78F.

The temperature setpoint remained there until the next scheduled state change, Sleep to Home. At that time, the setpoint reverted to the “mystery” setpoint of 78F. This is 3F below the scheduled cooling setpoint. We also reviewed all Alexa commands to ensure none were ever sent that requested 78F.

Hence, the 78F setpoint is coming from something other than manual override or an Alexa override. So, unless tech support can explain this, the t’stat will be gone soon. Since it resides with an elder parent with limited sight and tech knowhow, we cannot benefit from the behavior. Leaving the t’stat in permanent Hold is not an option either, since the parent prefers different day & night setpoints.

Just as a final follow-up, in case it helps someone else.
a) The only absolute way to control the t’stat at a given setpoint seems to be placing it in HOLD, which allows for adjustment through both the app and the front knob. Possibly this will get fixed in a future firmware update.
b) Tech support front liners know of my issue, but were not fully able to understand it, nor provide any solutions. They indicated it would be escalated to a programmer, but no-one has ever contacted me to close out the ticket.
c) If you’re fine with your temperature setpoint “floating” between Wyze’s AI algorithms’ values, then the thermostat and app are quite nice. If you must have tighter control, or like me have an elder parent using it and dislikes the “float”, unfortunately this may not be the thermostat for you.