Telepresence Drone or Bot

I would love to see an all terrain 2 wheeled Self banlancing…(miniature segway) and or aerial drone, telepresence.
The benefits are boundless. Senior care, medical, educational, office presence, warehouse, factory, Mining, home security, family time, Tourism for museums and other attractions.
The Aerial drone could be programmed/tethered to stay inside a yards parameters and activated manually or when person presence is out of range. The drones could be small enough to stay with in the parameters established for non commercial drones…The drones could also be programmed and tethered to the all terrain self balancing 2 wheeled telepresence, increasing the users viewing capabilities on the other end.
When not in use they would automatically return to their home docking stations.
Personally I would love to have the ability to ship my Segway telepresnce robot drone and its 2-3 ariel drones to any where in the world and look at the sites first hand by driving it around from my tablet…
I bet lots of people who’d see something like that would be astounded…especially when I would be the one talking to them through the robotish telepresence…what a way to make new friends … imagine the money you’d save on flights…ups or fedex your self anywhere…
I’d love everyones feed back on the concepts.

Sounds amazing. What engineering-oriented vertically integrated robotics company are you proposing produce such a thing?

Im sure Wyze has the wherewithall to orchestrate any endeavour
Have a look at Pad Bot they have a unit out there Quite similar to the over all layout I had in mind. Pad Bot
Other firms have products doing the same thing, they even have them with an articulated arm so you can grab something.

The Areial drone technology as well, has a wide array of very specialized, cost effective products. Follow Me Aerial Drones have been around for a while with amazing features.

I thought it novel to add the 2 capabilities together as a cohesive autonomus unit.

Imagine Mr. Customer, in the middle of the segway base, an extendable neck holder for the monitor screen either side of that neck on the same platorm it could be housing, base station for each of the drones on either side.
There you are " Your Virtual Presence" shipped to a museum. You control and navigate through the onlookers, assisted by on board programing for collision avoidance and navigation, socializing with everyone, as you view the statures, paintings and history !

“Oh Hi!” “Excuse me, coming through.” Striking up conversations with patrons and employees alike ! “Escuse me? Do you mind if I deploy a drone to get a closer look?” After all I mean really they are there why not use them.

The screen monitor could be your face or you could set it to display a message or to allow the person on the other end to interact with the screen. One is sure to meet people who’d be inquisitively open to interacting. More so, I’d say, than if one were there in the flesh.

Its a wish, a hope that Wyze in all their Wyzdom could apply motorized components for the application of the extendable neck, integrating the docking stations for the drones on the segway style base and tweek some coding and programs to connect to cellular data or wifi to connect to the unit.

Individually to buy each unit would be around $2K total.

I’d be in if wyze could keep the price point at 1100 to 1500…depending of features.

It’d be fun and practicle in a wide variety of applications.

Since now that we have Wyze Car to survey my perimeter while I am in the shower, I am thinking what if Wyze would consider a drone. I am not greedy, 2k will do just fine.

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