Security drone

I saw this:

…and I thought, in the future…who better to ask for something like this from than Wyze? The above product received so much interest the team closed this up and probably will was made rich by a larger company but I thought Wyze, I just became a big fan of…could look into this as they grow.

The way I think of this…as the security guard of the home, so as you put your cameras around the house (and in the future outside, door bell, etc)…all of that working together (maybe even using Alexa’s microphones in conjunction, or your preferred tech assistant) to direct the drone to the area of interest if the sound/movement persists.

Now, cam pan’s can do a lot of this work if you place it around the house (while I’m a fan of outdoor watch not so much indoor) but if you want to look around your house and are able to remotely fly this around your house in a emergency or event notification that would be FANTASTIC. It could roam around, move based on persistent “threat” or detection, or be controlled by the user remotely to look around.

We should view this as a holistic tool for home security but also things like fire detection, carbon monoxide, or as mundane as a busted plumbing pipe in your home.

I know Wyze is growing, so while maybe not now…always THINK BIG because the technology world is always growing and it’s a ruthless business where it’s survival of the fittest.

There’s also an outdoor one being developed:

Looks like the Aevena Aire has been cancelled, but perhaps to be reincarnated by a bigger company:

Aevena Aire Cancelled: No Flying Robot for You - The Mac Observer

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@TechHead77 That is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing. I vote for that cool gizmo. Nothing like a virtual security tour of your house anytime you want.

Yeah I saw that, if I ever build that house on some land further from the city I’d love that feature like the sunflower…at Wyze value price points lol.

It honestly would not even have to be as large, flight time 10 min would be enough to tour your home when an event persists so you could better determine if you need to call the cops.

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Yes, you’re right. It wouldn’t need to be that big especially if it had a docking station to stay charged. You would be able to make several tours in 24 hours.

“quiet enough to not bother you”

Yeah right, have you ever heard a multicopter flying? Notice how they never let you listen to what it actually sounds like. There isn’t a way to move enough air to keep that monster aloft without making significant noise.

I have to admit it folks, I want this:


Yeah, it’s VERY hard to make that quite…hmmmm, maybe some sound cancellation technology could help.

I think the idea of this security drone is to use it while you are away from home. So the noise wouldn’t be much of an issue in this case. Smaller drones are not that noisy at least the ones I have used. Drones are definitely the future of modern technology like Amazon package delivery service. Drones keep improving as technology progresses, so I think we will see more drones in action in the near future.

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Who here would like to see a Wyze Drone? I’ve been looking into drones for myself and my business and I keep thinking, I wish Wyze had a drone. I think I would definitely buy it if it had all the right specs.

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I want four … when it’s ready sign me up… love the Wyze products


Wyze should create an indoor drone security camera that allows it to fly around if you need to check on something indoors when you’re away or active when a security threat is present or activated.

Allowing users to have some type of control to be able to fly this security camera drone to check if the water, stove or anything else is incorrect.

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I want to see wyze try the indoor and the outdoor drone. I believe they can pull it off.

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This would be invaluable to home AND businesses looking to protect their property; especially homeowners in rural areas!

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Please develop a Wyze Drone Camera, perhaps similar to this: Ring made a security drone that flies around inside your home | Engadget

Also, should included an Outdoor Version.


Next project!!! Flying security camera to compete with:

With added manual controls…

@holocron you must have beat me to the submission by about a half hour, lol, nicely done!!! Like your idea of an outdoor version as well…or maybe some kind of “drone door”, similar to a puppy door, to let it outside. :smile:


Whoops, I just started a different thread at Flying Indoor Camera

… Hopefully, the functionality will be triggered by person / motion detection, with manual control options. The base could be the charger where the drone will return if low on battery. Would be a great additional to the WYZE family.

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What about an affordable drone to add along side the amazing products that WYZE offers? That would be sweet.

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