2021 Ring New Product Announcements

Is anyone excited about these products? I am, especially the Always Home Cam (drone camera) and Ring Car Cam (can also be used as dashcam, I think).

[Mod Edit]:
Mentioning or linking to competitor’s products is generally allowed in the forum. This is for several reasons:

  1. It’s still relevant to Wyze
  2. Topics that are JUST spam are removed.
  3. It makes for a healthier community.
  4. We get to see the comparisons and that’s useful feedback.

The competitor products don’t take over the forum but deleting those conversations would make it look like Wyze was hiding something or scared of the comparisons. It also would rob Wyze of valuable information about how the community thinks about Wyze products versus their products.


Cooool you can ask Alexa if the front door is close and send you a video or pic confirmation of the door though texting…:+1:

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Referenced a few times.

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