Hobby servo controller linked to camera

Make a hobby servo controller so you can push buttons and turn knobs. Link servos with a camera. Use the same software that controls pan/tilt of the cam. Have drop down menu to switch between control of WYZE Cam Pan and one or multiple servos. I’ve already been working on Alexa enabled devices with an Arduino but you guys have made it so easy and cheap that it’s a waste of my time to even make smart plugs anymore.

Love the products. Love the hilarious commercials more.

I don’t know if X10 still makes them or not, but I found one on Amazon.

Ha! Someone gave me one of those about 10 years ago. It had a composite video out. The camera was worse then an old flip phone with a dirty lens. It didn’t connect to X10 protocol, just the wireless remote. Donated to electronic recycle drop off.