Taking Wyze Away From WiFi

You want to use your camera where there is no Wifi and/or record without Wifi, after losing power/ unplugging & replugging in.

Having went through hell trying to find this on here and make it work on the app, I’ve figured it out and want to share.

::Tether your Wyze to your phone’s personal hotspot.

You’ll need two phones.

Phone 1: Turn on your personal hotspot on.
Phone 2: Connect to Phone 1’s personal hotspot.

Then, on Phone 2, open the Wyze app and add a new device.
Go through the process, entering the personal hotspots Wifi info for the Wyze setup.

Once it is successful in connecting/ setting-up, you can now connect to your Wyze whenever that personal hotspot is turned on and in range.

(This enables you to stream and change settings wherever you are as long as you have the camera near Phone 1 with it’s personal hotspot turned on.)


My other issue, was needing to record in a remote area away from any Wifi, including a personal hotspot tether.

Before you go out to the remote site, and while still connected to Wifi, set-up your phone to Local Recording and customize your settings,
Once this is complete you CAN unplug your Wyze and take it out of Wifi range. Once you get to your remote destination, you can just plug it in, turn it back on, and all of the movement/ etc. that you have set for your local recording will be operating in full capacity.

You won’t be able to view live, stream or change settings again until you’ve connected to Wifi, but it is effective in recording events on the SD card until then,

In short, I’m able to properly set-up my camera to work anywhere that a power source is provided, regardless of traditional wifi availability, even after unplugging the device for an extended period of time.

Full functionality with cell phone tether and assured recording to SD card without Wifi.

This product now truly fills my needs.


Your second tip sounds like the answer to my dilemma. I wanted to check that this is still working for you? Also wanted to clarify a few things:

  1. When you say “set-up your phone to Local Recording”, are you saying to set up the camera through my phone to Local Recording? What other customization do I need to do? (I might need the step-by-step…)

  2. When I go to that site again, will I be able to connect to the camera again there and access the playback feature on the camera, without removing the card and using an adapter to see it?



Hi I read your post. Maybe we reach out to support staff and ask if they can create firmware update as optional receive signal from hotspot on any OS. Your thoughts?

I actually pull one or two of my cameras with me when traveling. I just enable my phone hotspot which is configured to host the same SSID and Key I use at the house. That way I don’t have to fiddle with settings on the camera at home or away. I also use this same method for troubleshooting wifi connection at the house when necessary.


Hi Juan,

I don’t mind resetting the wyze cam when bring back home. I couldn’t get the wyze cam to see my hotspot.

I see.

On your Phone WiFi (HotSpot), not sure what type of phone you have (I use a Pixel).

Make sure your phone HotSpot is operating on a 2.4Ghz. they tend to default to 5 Ghz which Wyze doesn’t support (and won’t be able to see).

I’m not real tech savy so please forgive me. The SSID is the name (ex: Netgear…)? The Key would be password? If that’s the case I should be able to go into the settings on my portable hotspot and change them to exactly match by router’s wifi. Is that correct?

Yes. That’s correct.

But also make sure your mobile hotspot is configured for 2.4 Ghz and not 5. Otherwise the camera will not see the network and will not connect.

Good luck.

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Thanks, That worked!

One or two things, I would like to bring up.
1.). If you are planning on replacing your wireless router, consider a substantially greater space coverage than your house. Which I just finished a wireless router to cover about a thousand square feet greater than my house.
A.) this would allow me to enjoy using my mobile phone outside. It is almost impossible to get me to stay inside more than a few minutes at a time.
B.). This would support my camera’s as they are.

 2.) having a 90 degree rotation would be the best for this purpose.  Then I could get great coverage I want, more than other issues at this time.
 Ninety degree camera gives the best coverage.  Then I place the ones that come outdoor.
 I like the straight down coverage of my home, then use an outdoor camera down low and let it cover 120 degrees starting against the house.  Then I would place another camera, starting at the side of the house, covering back a 120 degrees.  In the center a 60 degree overlap or place then on the corner, and adjust as necessary.

  Thank you for your time,
 Robert or Tallboy
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I do this for a year now. I carry two wyse cam during business and personal trips. I use a mobile router, so i don’t have to reconfigure the wyse cams ever. i then tether the mobile router to hotel or public wifi or hotspot. There are many more benefits doing this way…


Exactly. I do the same… I have a portable wifi (or hardwired if needed ) router when I travel. (And it is a self contained unit within a power bank as well…So I don’t necessarily need to have it plugged in all the time.)

I think this is the quickest and most secure way to utilize the wyze cam when travelling…

Can u share the model and manufacturer of the router u use when traveling?

Hootoo HT-TM05 TripMate (And using your cellphone as the hotspot… or hotel wired wifi connection. (The router has a RJ-45 port for wired networks…)

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Great idea! If you don’t mind sharing, which router (brand, model) you use?

I am not sure how I got into this discussion, but I too would like to hear Router brand, and model number.

Take care,


I use the GL-AR750S, because it is OpenWrt and it supports my VPN (ExpressVPN). Love it and it can run off from standard USB power…


Hi where does one find a portable wifi router for travel purposes? thanks. I have a question. If I go to a condo that has their own wifi, but Idont feel safe using it, will the portable wifi router work in its plance and be more secure security wise?

Welcome to the community, @Pappy! You can shop and look on Amazon for more options and info on portable routers. Also, if you search here on the forum, I’m sure you will find other recommendations as well.

Regarding setting up a new router. I switched from Spectrum to Google Fiber. V2 cams all worked great around the house. I set up new names and passwords for the 2.4 and 5. Set up works fine. Name the camera and the solid blue light is on. On my phone is a still pic. On the app I get phone not connected messages. I deleted camera from the phone. Unplug the camera for 30 sec. nothing works

Tech support had me set up the Route this Helps app and I sent them the info 3 different times. Tech support has no answers after hundreds of emails.

Any idea what is wrong? I’m a tech newbie