Taking Wyze Away From WiFi

It would be nice if they allowed the camera to record even if wifi was down. Has anyone heard why it shuts off after 1.5 hours of no wifi? We can’t control our ISP break downs which makes our cameras useless. With the SD card installed if wifi goes out, it would be great if the cam at a minimum would record events even if the cam doesn’t record anything normally. It’s a back up to losing the hosting of clips when wifi is down. Not ideal because if cam is stolen, so are clips but it is something better of not having anything at all as a back up

It doesn’t I have tested this numerous times, if WiFi is lost I know for a fact it will run at least 12 hours as I have done that twice, I have not done any longer tests than 12 hours however.

Thank you, it must of been fixed. I’ll run my experiment again. You know ‘trust but verify’. Wish me luck.

That’s the way it should be, if you come up with a different result let me know as I am not opposed to running my tests again to figure out the issue. Hopefully it works fine though.

Good news and bad news.

I did my experiment, it went like this…

I programmed my router to cut off internet access to my 3 cams for 2 hours.
Two cam with current software stopped recording after 1 1/2 hours and would not reconnect to the internet until I manually cycled the power to the cams.

The 3rd cam with RTSP software (which I stopped using RTSP a while back and couldn’t get the software off of it the first try, haven’t had time or patience to mess with it since) continued to record and did reconnect to the internet without problems.

If any one has questions, comments or other experiences… please share.

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I did this same experiment Thursday and Friday, one day I cut power after internet loss and one day kept power maintained. The day I cut power it stopped recording when I cut it and it never started again until it saw WiFi, the other day it recorded 12 and a half hours which was the entire time it was without WiFi


Does your cams have the orig program or rtsp program?

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