Taking pics with outdoor cam: resolution question

Placed an outdoor cam by our pond, want to take a pic about the same time every day. Sometimes the pic is captured in 1920x1080, other times it captures in 640x360. I can’t figure out why the resolution changes, not sure if I am doing something or if there is a circumstance that triggers the change. Would like all pics in the 1920x1080 format. Anyone that can help?

I think it has to do with signal strength, as my outdoor cams jump down to 360p occasionally from HD. I think you’ll get whatever resolution that corresponds to the HD/SD resolution/connectivity.

My verbiage is probably off, I’m hoping what I mean is coming through.

Thanks, this would make sense as that camera is perhaps a bit far and only seems to get one bar on the base station. I wish there was a way know what resolution the camera was going to capture so I could better understand why it toggles back and forth.

The cam has settings for Auto, HD, SD and 360. If you have it set to Auto the setting will change from HD/SD to 360 if the signal is low. I don’t know if it will change the resolution on a low signal if you don’t have Auto turned on since I never had that issue.

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Does the Auto (or HD) setting effect the battery usage with the outdoor camera?