HD vs. SD and event recording

I currently have SD viewing enabled in the application and am curious about whether or not it would affect the event recording?

I have my bandwidth reduced to minimum as well as network power and it seems to run pretty well. I have 2 extenders set up to receive on 2.4 and talk to the network on 5g. I am also wondering if enabling WiFi 6 and going one mesh would be better security wise.

I can alway get more extenders and have them back haul through 5 g for throughput and am trying to find out if they’ll work on a wpa3 network that has fall back.

The cameras use about 1/3 of the bandwidth that they do on HD, and the reason I went from one mesh to extenders was that it seemed to support a better connection rate. If the cams still record events at the highest resolution then this becomes less of an issue, because SD is fine for remote viewing of the cameras.

Maybe I sm overthinking it. Just curious is all

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Setting the resolution effects everything, live view and recording.


Okay, cool. I set up a mesh network again, and I added an additional extender. So far, the cameras have stayed up in HD without the disconnects I was constantly getting.

I’ll have to wait a couple of days to see how well the new configuration settles in. Thanks for the reply.

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