Taking Photos

Is there a way to get the v2 cam to take a photo every ten minutes?

A Time Lapse will do that. Note that the result will be a video, not a series of still images.

Not easily.

One option is to do what K6CCC suggested with a timelapse, but you’ld have to keep setting up a new timelapse. So it wouldn’t be automated and ongoing, and it would put it all into a video, but you could technically go look at each frame in another video player.

Another very complicated, but possible way to do this might be to do the following:

  1. Add Rule
  2. Schedule
  3. Set Start time for whenever you want the first one to happen. If you want it 24/7, then I guess start with 12:00 AM.
  4. Leave every day selected
  5. For the Action, select the V2 cam, choose the rule: “Upload a short video to the cloud”
  6. Save
  7. Save again.
  8. Check and see if the rule works right. If it does what you were hoping for then repeat steps 1-7 but add 10 more minutes to the start time from the previous rule you made until you made enough rules to cover your full schedule. If you are having it do this for the full 24hrs every day, then you will repeat steps 1-7 143 more times, then move on to step 9.
  9. Now you’re done. You might regret it before you get to this step, but at least what you wanted was possible, right? :slight_smile: I just wouldn’t recommend it.

Maybe consider not choosing it to be a 10-minute interval 24/7? Then you won’t have to create as many rules.

Another option might be to set something up through a 3rd party platform like IFTTT or Home Assistant, etc.

Fwiw, these vids are tagged ‘Automation’ in the Events List and cannot be isolated (by a filter selection) from the other Events. The only way to see Automation Events is to deselect both Person and Motion filters, and then they will display mixed with ALL Events, sorted by time.

To the best of my understanding. Open to correction. :slight_smile:

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It’s a good point. Also, it is worth clarifying that with my instructions, I was thinking of how it would record a “thumbnail image” (ie: in the events tab) every time it uploads an event, but it is worth mentioning that this won’t save a “Photo” in the “album” every 10 minutes. So if that is what is being requested, then there is definitely no way to do that.

IFTTT might be able to do something like that though.

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