I would like to be able to use the CAM V3 to take photograph at sunrise every day for a year

I would like to be able to use the CAM V3 to take a photograph at sunrise every day for a year and store them on the cloud so that I can download them to create an animation of 365 days as sunrise moves north and south across the landscape.

How can I accomplish this? If possible?

You can set that up under the time lapse, you will need to do it manually there’s no auto save for future use, the camera was not designed for that,so good luck

Time lapses are 1 month at a time, so you would need to set a reminder to download and reset the time lapse monthly.

The Time Lapse would be saved to the V3 SD card, and would be manually downloaded to your local mobile device when each month completes.

From there you can use the product of your choice to get it to the cloud, but you will need an editor to add the 1-month clips together in the end. I see you are on iOS, so iMovie should work!

How much storage space should the SD card be?
How do I set up time-lapse for Sunrise every morning? I already set it up the way I think it should be done but the lowest amount of time is one minute. I only need a snapshot per day at that moment.

The time-lapse feature will take a frame everyday then make it into a short video, it won’t save the image to storage individually. If you set a time lapse to one photo every 24 hours, you’d have a 30ish frame one second movie file at the end of the month. Then you’d need to start it all over again for the next month. The time lapse would start whenever you hit the set button. If you wanted it to start say at 8 am, you’d need to do the settings and hit set at 8am.

Where is that 30 frame video stored? If it is stored on the cloud - where on the cloud? How do I access it? Will it store all the 30 frame videos in one location so that I have one for every 30 day period named in some common series of serialized video names so I can figure out which one is first and last?
Is it stored on an SD card I need to install?

Does not work like that…all videos are in the cloud for 14 days after that there gone,and it’s a free service, when you look at the events there in the cloud,if you use a SD card …thats what we do on all 76 cameras that we manage for customers, there set up as continuous recording so the customer can do a play back to find something so good luck on what you want 2 do

Negative if we are talking about timelapse files. Those are saved on the sd card in the camera and are there until you delete them.

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I did some experimenting, and it doesn’t look like the cam will easily do what you want. You can do it, however. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need to worry about this, at least not with a 32 GB card installed (which is typical).

This is where it gets difficult. First, you can’t take only 1 picture a day. Yes, you can select that, but the camera won’t let you execute it. Like @Omgitstony said, that’d be like a 1-second video, even if you do it over a month. So that’s out.

Next thing is (as a prior sunrise/sunset photo taker myself), I know the best picture isn’t at exactly sunrise or sunset. The best colorings usually happen before or after sunrise/sunset. So you would want to photograph a range of times every day.

That would mean manually setting a range of times for sunset, then after downloading that clip from the camera’s SD card to your device (phone/tablet), set a range of times and a frame rate for sunrise. The file name will start with the date you set it (i.e. - timelapse_20211109…) Then during the next day, after downloading that clip from the SD card, you would set a range of times for sunset (and on and on, 2 times a day).

If you are lazy, you can do a month-long video. However, since there is no way to restrict each time-lapse to certain hours, you would need a movie editor in the end to extract the beast sunrise/sunset examples from each day.

So it’s either work up front (setting up the time lapses twice a day), or work in the end (extracting the best sunrise/sunset clips from the month-long video).

I’m sure there are ideas on improving time-lapse operation in the Wishlist section if you want to votes for some of those. Things like allowing multiple schedules, allowing repeat schedules, allowing sunrise/sunset as time selections (not just an absolute time of day), etc:


Good luck! :slight_smile:

That’s correct my husband makes sunsets time lapse

That is a good solution. Just let the SD card record continuously, and extract the best sunrise and sunset stills every few days. If you want a time-lapse, you may be able to find some 3rd-party software package that will convert a regular video you capture from the footage.

Its all dependent on how you set up the event recording,it’s just another way to do a play back,we like continues so we can grab a time and review it

I believe you need to get a dedicated camera designed for long duration time lapse. I will suggest something that advertises as “construction time lapse”. They ARE more expensive, but you have a long term specialty project. One such brand is Brinno. I mention it here without hesitation since they are not in direct competition with Wyze products ( so far ). However, this could be a chance for the Wyze guys to expand their market offerings.

I have found a way of editing videos into a time lapse on the v3. The v3 saves a date coded folder, Inside the folder are folders 00 to 23 for hours, inside those are 00 to 59 for minutes. The v3 saves each minute as a 1minute long video. You need to download the entire day’s folder before it gets overwritten-about every 4 days. I was able to make a time lapse video of 1 week. Now, Knowing the time of sunrise for the day, from an almanac; load the one minute video of sunrise into a folder. Rename the minute Sunrise 001, changing the number of each day. When you get 365 of these, you are ready to edit. I used VideoPad by NCH software for my test. Start a new project. Drag and drop all 365 videos into the project. go to list view and order my name to get them all in order. Now select all and drop into the sequence area below. Select all, then group all clips. select new clip, then change clip speed to 6,000. Why ? this is 60 times normal. Each minute clip now plays for 1 second. It is not a true single picture time lapse, but the effect is similar. Your year will run 365 seconds. I am experimenting with isolating the first frame of each minute. It may work, but I need to learn the software better first.

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try this app for sunrise times and information calculated for your location. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vvse.lunasolcal&hl=en_US&gl=US