Synology and Wyze Pan Cam


Just curious if anyone has been able to get Wyze Pan Cam to work with Synology natively?

I’ve already implemented Wyze Cam RTSP support on my Wyze Pan Cam, but notice I can’t control motion and direction from Wyze Pan as usual.

Synology Surveillance Station already shows Wyze Cameras as an option from inside their software, but so far I haven’t had much luck logging into my Wyze Pam camera and interfacing like I’ve come to expect in the dedicated smartphone app and other Android applications that can connect and control my Wyze Pan camera.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!


Welcome to the Wyze community @bsorli!
Here’s a video that might help:

That video just goes through setup, Lon was not able to get the PTZ working either and he set it up as a “user defined” camera

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I don’t believe that the PTZ function will work. The way that Wyze has the camera setup.
Don’t forget RTSP isn’t a production feature.

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Never forgot that at all.

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I wasn’t sure. Some people (not you) expect everything to work perfectly with technology.