Switching Wyzecam from Android LG to iPhone 8

I originally set up my Wyze Cam with an Android LG, but I recently switched to an iPhone 8 – and I no longer have the Android. I removed the Wyze app from the Android before I gave it away. How do I “disconnect” from the Android & install Wyze Cam onto my iPhone. I downloaded the Wyze app onto the iPhone but when I try to go through the set up steps it doesn’t give me a bar code to connect the phone to the camera. Can you help me?

If I understand the way it works, you should not need to setup the cameras again. Just log into your Wyze account on the new phone. The cameras are already on your account, you just need to log into your account on the new phone. There are quite a few people here who use both types of phones.

I may be wrong however…


K6CCC is not wrong. Just log into the Wyze app on the new phone and the cameras should all be there. You can have the Wyze app installed on multiple devices and view the cameras from each of them.

If you already pressed the setup button on a camera and heard the “Ready to Connect”, you may need to set it up again. But before doing so, try depowering the camera and then see if it’s still set up. If not, in the Devices list in the app, tap the camera’s thumbnail, then tap the gear icon. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the option to Delete Device. Do that, then set the camera up anew by tapping the PLUS button at the top right of the Device screen.