Switch ID?

I am in the middle of installing three switches in the same box. I’m at the setup mode and it is asking me to “Select the ID shown on your device” and shows what looks like a target. In the middle (bullseye) is BE61. Then there are are two at the outer ring.At the 9 o’clock position is C3AA and at the one o’clock is D9DC. I can’t find anything corresponding to these codes on the switches. None of the videos refer to this ID.

What you’re seeing is likely the last two couplets for each device’s MAC address. You’re seeing three of them because, as you said, you’re installing three of them in the same box. The Wyze app is showing you that it sees all three of them, so if I was in your position I’d just pick one, finish setting it up, and then repeat the same process for the other two (the next time, the app should show you only two of the IDs you’re seeing, and the last time, it should show you only the remaining ID that hasn’t yet been configured—that would be my expectation, anyway).

I don’t have personal experience with the Wyze Switches, but I would guess that there’s likely a sticker on each Switch body and/or product box that lists the MAC address of that device. If you compare the last 4 characters in each MAC address to what you’re seeing on your screen in the app, you’re likely to see a match for each.


Crease- That did it. I guess I read too much into it. Once I selected one of the IDs that switches light started blinking faster. THANK YOU


Hey, you’re welcome! I’m glad that worked out for you!

I should’ve mentioned in my original reply that it doesn’t matter which Switch you pick first/second/third in the process, because you can always figure out which does what and rename them accordingly later, but that’s probably self evident.