Switch camera for continuous recording

The Wyze website shows that one camera is active on the continuous recording feature, but a different camera is being recorded and it refuses to delete it or change it.

Also, the recordings are still only 12 seconds in length.

This is a critical issue. Please advise.

And please let me know if I can speak with someone on the phone so an issue can be fixed right away, instead of days and days later!


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Please hop over to the Support Site and scroll to the bottom. Since it’s Saturday, only chat support will be available today. Phone support will be available on Monday. You can also start a support ticket by clicking the Support button at the bottom right.

There are 2 kinds of recordings, cloud and local (SD).

The 12-second clips are cloud recordings. The continuous recordings are SD recordings; it looks like you’re mixing up the 2. To view SD recordings, look for the button, “View Playback”.

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