Swap V2 Outdoor Camera to New ISP Router w/o Hardwire?

We’ve changed ISP from AT&T DSL to Starlink. No problem, (but a pain), swapping our V3 wired camera. But we have a V2 Outdoor camera w/ base station. To set it up, instructions say to plug ethernet cable from base station to router. But the Starlink router doesn’t have a port for an ethernet cable. It is completely wireless. (I can order an adapter from Starlink, but don’t have one now.)

So is there no way to set up the V2 Outdoor base station without a hardwire?

No it needs to be connected via ethernet for set up. Did you delete the Base and the Cam while they were on line from the previous network before you shut down the AT&T or did you not have it connected to that network at all?. IF you want to use the Base and the cam with the new network the 2.4 Network SSID and Password need to be the same as it was previously set up on if you had it working on the AT&T network.
If you had it on the AT&T network and did not delete it from the app while it was on line you will have a big problem as in not being able to set it up again if you use a different SSID and password.

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What generation of Starlink kit do you have? Gen 1 has a port. Gen 2 has a $25 adapter you can get from Starlink and plug directly into it or plug a switch into it. Gen 3 has two ports.


Lucky me… Gen 2. Thanks

Gen 2, That’s what I have. I bought the Ethernet adapter. $25 (included shipping). Got it in about 2 days. Then I plugged an unmanaged switch into it and up and running. Don’t forget, when you unplug Dishy from the router, to add the Ethernet adapter, you are removing power feeding Dishy. So, it take a while for it to restart and calibrate because it doesn’t retain the existing star/sat map. Mine takes about 20 minutes to come back up and be ready.

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By the way, the Gen 2 comes with a WiFi 5 router. You can pickup a second one, and turn your Starlink WiFi into a mesh router system. I really like the features on their app when using their routers. You can literally map where your coverage is. Very cool. Never seen any other manufacturer do that.

Or, you can add a WiFi 6/6e/7 mesh router downstream from your Starlink Router via that Ethernet connection. I did that for a while. No configuration necessary, just plug it in and use a different WiFi name than your Starlink Router uses.

It works fine, but I wanted to remove the Starlink WiFi 5 router, so I looked on YouTube. And I found some help. Lots of people want to go mobile and not use 120V to run Starlink. Dishy runs at 48V via POE. Many want to power from 12V RVs and don’t want the heat from a 12V to 120V inverter. So, they use a buck transformer to boost voltage from 12 to 48, adding a POE converter and feed Dishy via a modified Ethernet adapter. (There’s also a pinout converter from China on Amazon to power Dishy.) This way, you can remove the router. I use a 120V-48V brick to power the China converter and POE converter to eliminate the Starlink router.

Starlink is my backup ISP. When power goes out around my area, so does cable, because all their equip is dependent on the utility. So, my battery powered house is up, and it powers Starlink.