Additional base station

I continually try to add a 2nd base station because I want to add a 5th camera, but cannot. The app does not have the check box to indicate the base station is connected to the wifi. Therefore, I cannot add the base station. I have tried for months and cannot get it to work. Any ideas.

The second base station has to be set up first by connecting it via an ethernet cable to the router then change it to Wi-FI after it is set up. Does the base work if connected via ethernet?

Base set


@Antonius is 100% correct here, you have to go through the full setup using ethernet for the new base station before you can connect to Wi-Fi. Once you go through the ethernet setup you should have the option to remove the cable and it should connect to Wi-Fi though.

Do I just plug into the modem with an ethernet cable and add the base station? I do not need to connect my phone to the modem? I can stay on wifi with my phone?

Phone must be on the same Wi-Fi 2.4 Gz network you are setting the base up on. Check the wi-fi setting on your phone.

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