I need to add a second base station to my app

I had this issue before just adding my first station. Then it worked, now trying to add second station for more cameras. I cannot read the QR code with my Apple 13pro plus…thru the app, regular it can focus…I do not understand why , then added the mac numbers, still won’t accept the base…I have had difficulties before with the bases.

Curious what exactly is the procedure you are following. Typically, you do not need a QR code or the MAC address for a Base Station. Not sure there is even an option for those. You plug the Base into Ethernet, then follow the install actions on the app.


oh I don’t wanna tell you how many times I’ve tried that and it does not mate send it tells you to go to the QR code on the back my phone will not read it through the Wyze app but it can read it regularly I mean it’s got three camera lenses it’s the iPhone Pro 13+ so I enter my code manually and it won’t connect and I do that about a half a dozen times finally I get the selection where it tells me to select the Wi-Fi of the face cam I do so that was another half an hour waiting and waiting I turn the phone off and on how to start over again and this time I got most of the way through and then all of a sudden Wala it connected now I have to get to the point where the base station shows up as a second base station in the group and it doesn’t delete the first space station I was I was heard that that could happen I went through the same thing with my first base station I thought it was defective I’d also like to know if it takes a card bigger than 32 micro SD somewhere along the road someone told me it took 128 well that’s a fallacy I’m pretty computer savvy and I got it going myself but it took a lot of time and it 68 years of age going on 69 I don’t really have a lot of patience some days Anyway I managed to solve the problem and get the base station up and running now I’m updating software forever thank you everybody