Support Mopeka Tank Sensors

The only non-Wyze IoT stuff I can’t connect up is my Mopeka LP tank sensors. They are Bluetooth BLE devices that regularly broadcast the current LP tank level from my home (big) tank and my grill (small) tank. I would LOVE it if your Wyze Sensor Bridge would let me pair up to them and get the current readings in the Wyze application. You should even consider purchasing/partnering with Mopeka… I think your Sense Hub is likely a suitable replacement for their WiFi Bridge

Hmm, thanks, I didn’t know this product category existed. I just knew about the inaccurate pressure based inline sensors.

They are very accurate, the gauge on my 1000 gallon tank is always in agreement with the sensor readings. Having the WiFi bridge gets the reading into the house nice…just want it in the Wyze ecosystem now