Superly UNHAPPY, AL DETECTION vs. Person Detect and Mute Notifications Settings

You guys really have made it so difficult. I get the cameras to somewhat work then things change. WHAT the $3% is “Wyze Al Detection” under notifications? It use to be Person Detect!!! Your making someone go to your website to figure out what “Al” ( says means Indian Mulberry) and even then it’s a hard search. BYOB Fridays a the Wyze work place or what?

When I go to mute notifications and set the time range I want a camera’s notification muted it’s only a Universal Setting action that I can’t even get to apply to all cameras not that I want that either. Under Rules, I can choose the camera I want but don’t have an option to Mute Notifications - my only options are to just Turn On or Off Notifications at a particular time which turns that camera’s notifications on or off indefinitely not daily during the hours I want!!!

I still don’t know why you can’t simply have Notifications with a time selection on each camera instead of a Rule, how freakin simple would that be. Overall I’ve been very pleased with the cameras but when your depending on these for security and motion detect in the middle of the night and constantly have no working notifications, it’s not what you want nor ordered. Thanks.

AI detection is Artificial Intelligence detection. They are using AI to detect when there is a person. The reason they changed the wording to not just say Person Detection is because they are working on teaching the AI to do “Person, Pet, Vehicle, and Package” detection, maybe other things in the farther out future too. Therefore, instead of cluttering everything up, they simplified it to say “AI Detection” meaning that you want the AI to detect if there was something important in your videos, then under notifications you will then select which type of detections (motion, sound, person, vehicle, pet, package, etc) you want notifications about. Selecting “AI” just means you want the AI to analyze your video, notifications is where you choose to have alerts specifically for people.

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HA HA, Just saw that it was an “i” Duhhh

Now just to figure out how to mute notifications for a specific camera during a specific time period daily. Thanks

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I can help with that.

From the home screen:

  1. Select the plus sign
  2. Select Add Rule
  3. Select Schedule
  4. Select the Camera you want to mute during certain hours
  5. Select Turn off notifications then Next
  6. Select the time you want the Muting to start (when you want the notifications to stop)
  7. Select Add End Time and enter the time you want the notifications to start coming again. (Make sure you select the correct AM/PM)
  8. Select which days you want that to happen
  9. Select Save

There you go. You’re all set. Somewhere between step 6-8 you can also select and set the “Name” of the rule so it’s easy to remember if you look at the rules later or want to temporarily disable it, or even delete. Maybe name it “Mute Notifications on X cam - day time” or something.

Hope that helps.


When I do that it seems like it turns off permanently the notification, not muting it during specific hours. All my notifications were turned off even though I had them turned on. I’ll try again. Maybe during an software upgrade it got turned off? Thanks.

You can use the same process to instead do the reverse and just tell it to TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS during the opposite times instead of mute them. Maybe that will be more effective and is worth trying out.

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I’ll try the reverse and have a rule set for individual cameras to turn on notifications. Does that mean in the camera’s settings I don’t use the slider to manually turn on notifications, leave it off? Really is not a simple and clear process and could be streamlined so much better. And really, you want to mute notifications, not turn off, that also makes things confusing. Thanks again.

Ah, if you only want to “Mute” them during certain times (do you mean still have them still come through, but not make noise?), and not turn them off, that would be a little more complex, since the sound is decided by your OS. There are apps that will manage that sort of thing though…I haven’t looked much into that myself, but perhaps someone can chime in.

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Yup, notifications are mostly controlled by the OS, and it depends on the version as well. On my version of Android I can disable sound for all notifications by changing the default, but I don’t have it per app. I think the poster’s request is more complicated than it appeared.

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You have Mute Notifications (which technically is what I want) though per camera (not universal action) and during a certain period of time which you can’t do for individual cameras. You then have Turn Off Notifications which appeared it turned off the notifications and never turned back on after the time period was over. Several times I’ve had to go back in and manually use the slider on each camera to turn on notifications and believe it was turned off after software upgrades? One thing I know for sure is that I did not turn off the notifications manually with the slider. Verbiage really is important and using Mute and Turn Off but not Turn back on at a certain time can be confusing for a user especially when my notifications automatically get turned off and don’t come back on. Thanks for all the help.

Yeah, I do that for several apps too, but it is hard to have Android mute during certain times then unmute during other times automatically and just for a specific app or device from a specific app. That gets complex.

I have been able to do things very much like this using Tasker. A person could just tell Android to always Mute all notifications from Wyze (ie: Silent option), then tell Tasker to watch Wyze Notifications, and anytime Wyze posts a notification containing the words “[Device Name]” surrounded by asterisks, then play this sound and tell it to only do that during certain hours. For all other Notifications besides that one, play the sound as normal during any time (assuming that’s what you want).
That is the best solution…but it is very hard for a lot of people to set up.

A second solution would be a more simplified user-friendly app like “Light Flow” which I also use for customized notification options. I am not totally sure if the settings have a schedule option though…I set all mine up to run 24/7…but it seems like it should be a standard setting option for customized notifications.

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I’ll look into that app if this happens again and good to know. Maybe there’s an app for the iphone to manage notifications on a timer - maybe that’s the simpler route vs scheduling through the Wyze software. Tomorrow I’ll do a full range of testing and once everything is set up I’ll keep an eye on it and see when the notification sliders get turned off - hopefully never.

I’m now also wondering if an iphone update turned off the notification sliders for all the cameras?