Sun Match firmware error

New feature for bulbs in iOS called Sun Match indicates a firmware update is needed before the option can be turned on but when I check the firmware version it says its up to date (v1.2.0.339)


Sun Match firmware has not been released yet


Why, then, release the option into the software UI? SMH.


When will the firmware be released to enable Sun Match?

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Wow, I came here to report the same problem, and it’s been over three months since it was first reported. Why the heck would you put Sun Match into the UI more than three months(!) ago when the feature hasn’t been released yet? Then, to add insult to injury, you put a misleading message saying we need to update our firmware to use this non-existent feature, when our firmware is up-to-date? It’s like you are actually TRYING to annoy your customers. What a dumb decision. What are you guys even doing over there?

I was confused by the same thing. Is there any sort of timeline when this feature will actually be usable?