Suggestions for remote setup

I’m looking for the right approach to get an indoor camera setup for a rental property that is out of state. The goal is just for me to have remote, internet based access to the camera feed and events. I have a maintenance guy that could do the physical installation, but I’m hoping to limit any other setup for him. If I get a v3 camera and set it up on my own app and personal WiFi temporarily and verify webview works, then I ship it to my rental property and my guy there just connects it to WiFi, would I still have the webview access over the internet?

I currently have a couple cameras at my house, but have not done anything remote or cloud/webview like this.

Welcome to the forums! Is your wifi network information the exact same as the rental property? If so you should be able to set it up at your place, then ship it and have the maintenance worker plug it in and it should automatically connect without any setup from them, other than plug in and mount.


Yes, I would set your home WiFi to the same as the rental property, even if only for setup. A couple years ago I set my network to the same SSID & PW as my sister so I could set up a Chromecast for her, and all she would have to do is plug it in and use it. That has the added advantage that all her devices work without change when she comes to visit me. :slight_smile:

You also may want to set your password to your Wyze app to something you can share temporarily, so they can point the cameras after they arrive. Then you can change your password back when they are done. If they still need camera access (a property manager, for instance) you can share the cameras to their account later.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I’d like to even avoid my maintenance guy needing the app, so having the same ssid and password makes sense. I haven’t used the webview- if I could view that remotely right after it is plugged in then I could with the positioning of the camera too?

Don’t forget to get a smart plug so you can power cycle the cam from remote location unless you have someone who can do it for you at the site.

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You should probably check local laws regarding having the camera on a rental. There are most likely some prohibitions on where they can be placed and what information you need to provide renters about them.


Good thought- again, haven’t used the smart plug remotely. Could I control that over the web as well? That’s the only way it would make sense to me.

That’s the idea, to control your devices remotely. I would look at Wemo or Tp-Link Kasa wi-fi smart plugs. Of course you can buy the WYZE smart plugs also but they won’t do much good if Wyze is down. The only minor downside I see using Wemo or Kasa is adding another app to your device.

Also some LISTING SERVICES restrictions on cameras.