Setup camera/base on new account

Hi, first I would like to ask if the wired cameras have any way to report them as stolen and/or if there is a way to prevent someone else from using them?
I just recently had a V3 stolen and I was trying to find a way to report it as stolen or a way to render it useless to the theives.
Also, my parents gave me 2 extra Wyze cams they had, a V3 and an Outdoor V2.
I can’t seem to figure out how to get them on my account. First the outdoor base says Assigned to someone else, contact owner. That’s fine the owner is my parents. The V3 I do everything and it wont connect to my internet. I have 2 other Wyze cams already set up so compatibility isn’t an issue.

I thought I could get my parents to delete the devices from their account and all would be well. But my mom said they don’t show on her account. I thought maybe she just didn’t know where to go so I logged into their account to do it for her and their account shows 0 devices. I’m confused and not sure how to go about setting up these 2 cameras.

If any one could help I would greatly appreciated it!

Thank you very much!

The only cameras with a theft prevention (well won’t prevent the theft, it’ll prevent someone else from using it) is on the WCO cameras. It looks like you ran into that system here:

Your parents need to have those connected to their account. Then they need to delete them from their account before they can be set up in another account, like yours.

Other cameras don’t have any system like that. If someone else sets them up, the device will disappear from your account.

Thank you very much for taking your time to help me!

So did me trying to set them up delete them from their account?
Do I need to go to my parents house set them up there and then delete them to get them to work on my acount?
Do you know if the same reason could be preventing the V3 from connecting to my internet?

Probably. I would think a successful setup would then remove it from a previous account, but I am not sure if just the process of attempting to setup one (Even if it’s unsuccessful) would remove it from a previous account.

You shouldn’t, BUT the WCO camera is a different beast and since you already attempted to set that one up on your account before your parents removed it correctly from their account, that may have already bricked it so no one can use it anymore. Just confirming that they don’t have this camera on their device list anymore? You might be able to set this one up on their account to try to unbrick it and then remove it correctly. I give that a chance to work before calling it quits on that WCO.

I say this is a different issue altogether. Something with your network and the camera is causing a hiccup so that it can’t be setup and connect. What type of network and wifi equipment do you have? How many total wifi clients does your network have (cameras. Any iot, tvs, tablets, phones computers etc)?

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That would be very upsetting if the camera became unusable for something so silly like that.
I again tried to set it up the base, but on their account, but at my house and it still says Contact owner. The account I was using was the owners. Their internet is different. I guess I’ll have to pack it up and take it to their house and try on their internet. Makes no sense.

I have, believe it or not, DSL (only option in my area rn) normal router. I have 8 devices hooked up , not all are in use at the same time, like Tvs/computers aren’t always on. 2 of the devices are Wyze cams.