Suddenly lost all registered devices in the app, no history

Hi, I opened my Wyze app on iPhone X today, it asked me to log in and after that the app opened completely empty - no device registered.

I also see no recorded videos in history for any day.

Same problem when logging in from iPad.

It looks like my account has been wiped out.

Anybody got the same problem?

It should be fixed now. Mine is working now and I had the same issue.

Started to work again by the history of the events is lost.

I have the same issue right now and it has happened before. I get notifications of an event but it doesn’t load and when I go to my dashboard neither camera is there. I have logged out and in but still nothing. It’s very unreliable for me.

@laney5 Welcome to the Wyze community!

Under settings try turning off your VPN.

There is a bug that Wyze is currently working on. I turned my VPN off and all my cameras started working in the app again.

That did it! Thank you so much!! I hope they get the bug fixed very soon.

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Glad to hear! :+1: