Subscription Issue & my new pro v3 works only in B&W

Two issues here.
Just received the V3Pro. Got it all set up however, it is only viewing and recording in B&W.
I have powered off and done a reset. Yet I still have B&W.
The firmware has been updated to the latest.
How can this be resolved.
When first powering up the camera and adding it to my network, it was colour.
Tried a full darkroom test and all seemed fine. Turn the lights back on and now only B&W

Your help would be appreciated.

On another note:
I have a CamPlus subscription for two of my cameras. I now have three.
I took up the offer from Wyze for their discounted subscription for up to 99 cameras.
Now I have two different subscriptions.
Have tried to cancel the first subscription and transfer the two cameras to the second subscription but, all I can do is cancel the first but can’t add the cameras to the second.

Again, your assistance would be appreciated.



As for B&W, make sure the camera is not locked in night mode. Click the Setup (gear icon), then Advanced Settings, then Night Vision Mode (part way down the page).

Once you remove a camera from the individual CamPlus, you should be able to add it to your Unlimited CamPlus - as long as both are on your same account as the cameras. If you click on Account > Services, are both CamPlus subscriptions listed?


If you cancelled your first subscription while the two cams were still assigned to it, that first subscription is not going to actually cancel until the term is up. You still have use of it until the end of the paid term since you won’t be getting a refund. When the term is up, it will automatically release the two cams.

You can move them over manually if you want. In the Account tab, Services, Cam Plus, you should see your two subscriptions. At the bottom of the old one, click Add Cams (I know, counter intuitive. It should say Edit Cams). Then uncheck your two cams to release them. You can then go into the new Unlimited subscription thru Add Cams and check your three cams to get them assigned.

As for the Black and White, you want your Night Vision Mode in Auto if you want to let the cam decide when to go into black and white IR NV. Off will be color 24\7 and On will give you Black and White IR NV 24\7. The IR Lights setting "on’ only activates the LED IR Lights when in IR NV Black and White.

Another small issue.

I installed a Wyze 128 SD card but the camera says there is no SD Card installed.

I have pulled it out a reinserted it. Not recognizing the card.

Rick Allen
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Yes. All three cameras are listed on the same account. However, I can not move two of the cameras from the old account to the new account.

Rick Allen
Theme Park Design Director

I installed a Wyze 128 SD card but the camera says there is no SD Card installed.

Most likely the uSD card is failed or the card slot on the camera is failed. Try a different card, and /or try the card is some other device to determine which is failed.

Yes. All three cameras are listed on the same account. However, I can not move two of the cameras from the old account to the new account.

Can you post screen captures of the Services page?

If it is a Wyze Card, the cam should be recognizing it instantly.

Have you tried to format the card in the cam using the Manage microSD Card settings?

Have you tried to read or full format the card externally?

Have you tried a different SD Card?

If all this fails the SD Slot in the cam may be malfunctioning.

In the Account, Services tab; or I the website, do you see your old Cam Plus subscription with the two older cams listed?

Rick Allen
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The original two cameras are still on the old subscription. Follow SlabSlayer’s instructions in the second paragraph of his post #3 of this thread.


Yep. Click ADD CAMERAS in the first subscription w\ the 2 cams. Then unselect them so there is no checkmark.

click ADD CAMERAS in the second Unlimited subscription and check the two cams.

You can’t add the cams to the new subscription if they are still assigned to the old one. You have to unassign them first.

NOTE: the first subscription is an Apple App Store Subscription. NOT a Wyze Web Store Subscription. This must be cancelled within the Apple App Store App.

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Tried what you suggested however, when I select add Cameras in the first subscription with the two cameras it will not allow me to select the two cameras. It just shows me a slide up of unassigned cameras wth a check mark. I can not check mark the cameras in the first subscription.

Rick Allen
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Sorry, I am not an iOS user and do not have any Apple App Store subscriptions, so everything from here on for you to try to get those 2 cams unassigned from that Apple App Store subscription is just a shot in the dark suggestion. I am hoping that one of the other @Mavens or @Mods with iOS has dealt with Apple App Store subscriptions in the past.

Does your Apple App Store App have a subscription management UI that can be accessed to possibly change the cams assigned under that subscription? Is there an HTML Browser option that allows access to your App Store account?

As a last ditch effort should you come to that point, another option would be to completely delete the cams from your Wyze account, reinstall them, and assign them under the Unlimited subscription.

Your situation is why I do not like App Store purchased subscriptions and recommend all users buy subscriptions from the Wyze Website.

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Could you provide a screen recording of this? I’m an IOS user and may be able to assist.


Hello IEatBeans:
Well, it was a bit of a work around bouncing between Wyze and Apple however, I managed to move my two cameras from the first and put them into the second account and to cancel out the first account.

So, quick tech question. My Wyze v3 camera is not recording and audio. I have set all the correct settings but, still no audio record. Suggestions?

This is the standard V3 not the Pro.

Looking forward to your response.

Rick Allen
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Rick, are you able to post a description of how you went about unassigning your cams from the Apple App Store subscription? It would be very helpful for those who read this thread in the future and something we Android folks can refer other users to. Thanks!

Is record sound turned on?
Where is there no sound, on event playback or from downloaded videos?