Subscription for 3 devices but only can have 2 devices work on cam plus at a time

I have 3 devices. When I got my 3rd device and paid for 3 devices for the cam plus I can only use 2 devices at a time. Wyze support can’t help and stated I’m on my own and too bad so sad and I can’t get my money back that paid for the yearly subscription. I tried everything suggested by Wyze support but nothing works so I can have all 3 devices on the cam plus

What happens (or does not happen) when you try to add a 3rd device? Please be specific - screen captures are even better.

How did you buy the subscriptions? In the Store tab in the app or thru the Wyze Website on a browser?

When you go to the Account → Services tab, what do you see under Cam Plus? What icon is in the top left of your subscriptions listed?

Thank you for replying. It shows Cam Plus single camera annual plan (2/2) The icon is the “A”. Screenshot attached

When I click the + to add a device to three this pops up.

The symbol that you see in the top left indicates that the subscription was purchased thru the in App store and was therefore purchased from the iOS Apple App Store, not from Wyze. The Apple iOS App Store maintains full control over this subscription. Wyze Customer Support won’t be able to do anything at all with it.

Have you visited the Apple iOS App Store to look at your subscriptions there? What happens when you click Manage?

I do see that there is a mismatch in the Expiration Date as well as the number of licenses.

Have you contacted Apple iOS to inquire about these subscriptions?

I have not contacted Apple as I presumed this was a Wyze issue please see screenshots as requested

This last screenshot confuses me because the money was taken out of my account.

I’m not certain about the payment stuff. I use Android and I only buy subscriptions from the Wyze Website.

Is it possible that your Wyze Account used to log into the app and your Apple App Store Account use different email addresses?

It almost seems like you have two separate subscriptions, one for two cams and one for three cams, and they expire at different times. I would suggest logging into the Apple App Store subscriptions page and see what it shows you there.

Thank you for your reply. I added a third subscription when I got a third camera and used the Wyze app to add it. I only have one email. I checked the App Store and it gives me the same info as the screenshot I submitted. So I’m stuck

paying for a service I am unable to use.

When you reached out to Customer Support to ask them why your 3rd subscription purchased thru the App and the Apple App Store wasn’t showing up in your Services tab, what specific response did they give you? Was it really you are on your own?

Did they give you a ticket\case #?

Ticket #3155259

Thanks! I am going to check and see if I can get someone from within Wyze to take a look at this. Will get back to you if I hear something back.