Sturdy home made camera mount

I installed a camera above my sister’s garage door that viewed the driveway. I wanted a compact sturdy support that provided for some adjustment. I made the camera box out of aluminum and plywood. 1/16” aluminum was used for the side plates and a front bottom keeper plate. 3/4” Plywood for the bottom and top plates, drill the top plate for ¼” mounting screw. The camera, painted black, slipped in from the back. This enclosure was attached by a ¼”x20 machine screw through the top place into a short length of 3”x3”x1/8” aluminum angle. The aluminum angle has a ¼” hole in each leg, one for the rafter connection and the other for the camera enclosure. I have yet to take out the power wire slack, fit it closely to nearby surfaces and cork the wire entry hole. One could hang from this camera without damaging it.
Victor Maletic.


Very nice👍🏻