Stolen WyzeCam delivery - can Wyze identify the cameras?

I had an order of 2 Pan Cam’s stolen from my porch over the holidays. The delivery package was stolen before I had even opened it. Does anyone know if WyzeCam could look up the unique serial numbers of the specific cameras that were shipped to me and stolen?

And if those cameras ever come online, somewhere, would they be able to identify them and share the info with me and my police contact? Or maybe just disable them or something?


Where were they ordered from? Not that I know the answer, but that would seem to be a relevant question.

I’ve contacted a Wyze employee for this one.

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These were ordered directly from Wyze.

We’re sorry to hear about this. That really stinks! We don’t have a way to look up that information for you but appreciate you asking about it.

Have you contacted our support people, @manchild? I can’t make any promises but we may be able to send a replacement.

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I have a ticket open with Wyze support about it, asking the same question as my post here, but I haven’t gotten a response so I figured I’d try in here.

And yes, I would of course love to get replacement cameras. And because I had already setup 2 WyzeCam’s in my front windows, I even have decent videos of This package being delivered initially … and then being stolen by a masked maurauder a few days later in the dark. I would gladly trade those videos for the new cameras I paid for!!

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon was handling all the logistics on the cameras and that could explain why Wyze doesn’t know the unique code for each camera.

The legal issues involved in that make it unlikely Wyze would want to step into disabling cameras. However, once assigned to a users account, I could see some restrictions put in place to prevent the same MAC from being assigned to two accounts. This would be different from “Shared.” It should have to be deleted from one account, by the original owner, before being added to another account. Cloud videos should also be limited to unique account/MAC records.


If you want to get the MAC addresses, you may be able to login to your router and view the DHCP lease table to see if they are still in there. My Pan starts with a4:da:22. I would assume yours would be similar. It also looks like Wyze has 2c:aa:8e, which is registered to them. I saw a Reddit post where someone was also concerned about the feasibility of stealing them and easily reusing them, including something about when they register it on another account, all the previous cloud records are gone rendering it pretty useless. Not sure if there is any truth to that, but something to think about.

It looked like Wyze didn’t print the MAC on the box, but I just found it in the QR code on the back. Amazon would have to report this back to Wyze, sharing customer data with another third party, so yeah, that wouldn’t help.

It is also easily available in “Device Info” under settings in the app, however the OP stated the delivery was stolen off the porch, so they never had the opportunity to see it on the box, in the app or on the router.