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Adding to the debate of Wyze “security cam” status and how they are marketed, I spent considerable time on Amazon looking at Wyze cams. 95% of what I saw is clearly labeled as security in description upfront and in the details. Perhaps Wyze needs to huddle with Amazon on how it should market Wyze cams. All the Amazon info appears to be Wyze original material for marketing and sales. So, security cams or “toys”?

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I know I posted this link before, (Sorry!) but this video has simultaneously given me more hope and caused me more heartburn that any other recently.

CLEARLY mentioned are “professional monitoring service” “security” and even “replacing security guards” !?! - all in the setting of what appear to be actual functioning adult businesses - specifically a hotel/motel and a restaurant.

And all in the context of apparently replacing commercial grade surveillance systems.

This video is clearly a Wyze production, not an Amazon blurb.

Believe me, I LOVE aspirational videos, and I REALLY want everything the Wyze guys and gals promise to happen to actually happen.

But this product line is no longer being pitched to Happy Harry Homeowner Hobbyist with a couple of bird houses and some rogue raccoons to watch…

Sooooo… the back end tech humans had best be raring to leap up and squash all the squirming bugs and horrifying security leaks that the loyal fans here seem to discover on a regular basis in a serious and professional grade fashion… :wink:


I would’ve given a second :heart: for this if I could. :+1:

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I gave a :heart: for you :wink:


Just to make sure we don’t miss the chance to support your great work, when Seattle wakes up, today will be the day and this will be a link to quickly find the post, yes? THANKS!


Heh. Thanks. :grin:

Maybe in a month or two. :rofl:

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Wyze has stepped up from its days as a hobby, happy homeowner bird watching company. Wyze, has joined the “security” league. Wyze offers services to replace processional commercial security forces.

As documented by several forum members, and thank you all, Wyze for some time clearly states in writing, it is a security company, it’s equipment is security equipment. That “Security” step up is plastered all over the Wyze web site. Wyze has both the qualifications and means to deliver at that “Security” level. Below are Images, copies of Wyze web site below; Credit” Copywrite of

This Security offer status inherently comes with an ability to demand and receive more money due to an inherit higher requirement to perform basic core “security” functions. Some companies offer the same equipment at a “homeowner, birdwatcher “ no duty to perform, non security rate, and at a “Security rate” that is higher because of the implied duty to perform, maintain, security core basic functions. Again a big thank you to this great forum group.




So, how do we use the Fix-it-Friday?

When the new topic is open, it should be posted in the Wyze News category and should include instructions on how it works in the first post. It will be labeled for June when it’s posted, but you can look at May’s for a reference:

If you scroll through that, or even go back to the previous one in April, you can get an idea of how it generally works. I think May have been a busier month for fixes and new stuff, because April’s topic actually includes more updates from @⁠WyzeJasonJ.


…and now it’s live:

:pencil2: Edit: @sodcam is already hard at work!



Damn straight!! Thanks to guys like you making it worthwhile!!


I appreciate that, but I don’t feel worthy of thanks. I certainly can’t fix this. I’m just a fellow Forum member who likes to tinker and help when I can, and I enjoy learning from others here. I have my own problems with certain products, and I’m just tryin’ to be another squeaky wheel to see if Wyze will eventually give 'em some grease. :man_shrugging:


I think you summarized it quite well! Plus they already have the information I sent them, so there is no need for me to go repeat everything. The main goal is getting it selected as the main high-impact issue for at least one platform.

The only other possible things I would suggest are considering posting the same thing in the platforms for people to vote on it in those platforms too (Facebook, Reddit, Discord). Then, it increases the chances of winning in at least one of them, and if it wins in multiple places, if there is a second high impact issue here and a frivolous one elsewhere, Jason gets a little more flexibility to make sure to pick the next highest impact issue gets included too, instead of being stuck with a frivolous one on another platform. So if anyone in the other platforms wants to post this issue there too, please do. It increases the chances of winning, it spreads awareness, and it gives Jason flexibility to help make sure one of the selections isn’t stuck with someone’s frivolous or isolated incident submission.

For example, if the forum submits like 5 really good high impact issues that should be addressed, but Reddit only submits 1 frivolous and isolated incident that isn’t affecting anyone else and would be resolved with basic troubleshooting with support…that kind of sucks and feels a waste to get stuck with the frivolous one that doesn’t help everyone. However if an issue like this gets posted everywhere and wins in multiple platforms, then Jason is able to choose to have it win for Reddit instead of the frivolous submission, and instead pick the next highest issue here, so we can get another big issue to win this week as well. This is why I often post things in multiple platforms.

If nobody else has posted in Reddit and Discord by later today, I will post about this in there myself. I think @sodcam handled it well here though. :slight_smile: Nice job.

One other thing I like to do in the forum specifically (though not required), is I will sometimes post a link to one or more of the applicable threads about the issue to demonstrate is something widespread and make it easy for them to see there are multiple people reporting it and confirming the issue. :slight_smile: But that has no actual impact on whether it is selected. I usually do that as a courtesy to Jason so he can pass that info on to the appropriate teams when he reports on the issue (even if the issue doesn’t “win”, Jason still usually reports everything submitted to Fix-it-Friday).


Even if it has no impact on the selection of an issue for prioritization, it seems like a good practice because of what you wrote and also because it connects information in a way that may be useful to other users (e.g., someone might find the post describing his issue, follow links to find out more, maybe learn troubleshooting tips in another thread, and come back to :heart: the fix-it-friday post anyway because it’s something on Wyze’s end that users can’t fix). In that way I think it can help to increase exposure for some problems.

That’s the belief I’m operating with for the moment, anyway.

Another way I’ve used links in some cases is this:

  1. I search the Forum to see if there’s already a topic that describes the issue I’m having.
  2. Finding none, I start my own topic.
  3. When Fix-It Friday rolls around, I do a brief blurb in the Fix-It Friday topic but then link back to my own topic with a more detailed description. This way, I’m trying to minimize the complete duplication of posts.



Exactly! CYA paperwork! :grin:

We have evidence of when problems became how bad and yes, definitely good breadcrumbs for quieter readers to follow.

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Can you recommend any thanks?

Wyze knows it reactivated a previously fixed serious security flaw that allows thieves to steal your Wyze cameras, use a battery / hot spot to factory reset your camera, activate that camera on their Wyze Burner phone account using their burner phone. This effectively deletes, bars access by the camera owner to all images of their home being burglarized. All it takes is a burner phone, Burner Wyze Acct. Thieves love stealing security cameras more than anything else. One viral video could have 100,000 thieves know how to disable Wyze camera videos of their burglaries and targeting homes with Wyze cameras.
Kia had a similar security problem it did not fix quickly. 100,000 people learned to in a few months from viral videos how to steal a Kias.
If Wyze does not re-fix this Wyze Stolen Camera flaw immediately, Wyze will soon join Kia as a a joke, fatally flawed company.


Well said. It’s a shame that you have to beg wyze to fix a serious security issue. You shouldn’t have to vote to get it fixed. Hence this has happened to me and I have been paying for cloud services all these years only to find out from experience that they took me for my money selling me a service that allowed a bad actor to compromise and they knew about this issue years ago. I’ll be the first to create a video showing how to accomplish this, Post it on all my group pages and YouTube.

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It seems like the only way that Wyze fixes things is when it’s too late and word gets out to the wrong people. Just sent the first video and this topic to. They will let the cat out of the bag.