Still unable to playback

I still cannot play back videos… I get the message…: Error Code, No Fragment"

First, take a look here:

Also try:
Power cycling the camera
How To Power Cycle The V1,V2,And Pan Cameras
How To Power Cycle The Outdoor Camera

Factory resetting

so that means i will lose those video clips?
What’s the point on paying for a service if i won’t be able to view the videos?

Not if you have a mSD card installed. You can view the clips using the playback button. I’ve been experiencing the same no fragment error. Power cycling the cam seems to help on my cams, but it doesn’t completely go away.

I agree it should work if we are paying for it. If they don’t resolve this issue with the next update, I will cancel the Cam Plus subscription until it is fixed.

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Same for me. The fragment error happens but I use the micro SD in all of my cameras (except outdoor cams) to review footage. Power cycling seems to do the trick.

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Same for me. Still has not been resolved. Rendered my camera useless.

Rebooting the cameras seems to have resolved for me…for now.


Keep us posted!

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