Still Broke!

A person walking their dog with the grid I setup trigging a motion event. The video was labeled as a Vehicle. Both the person and dog were clearly within the grid and the AI couldn’t identify them but got the parked vehicle correct. The AI only seems to be able work correctly for parked vehicles, something no one cares about. We want the motion that triggered the recording! Wyze…are you ever going to fix the AI?

And today again a person was walking their dog which triggered a motion event, but what did the AI label the recording as? You guessed it, a parked vehicle. Wyze fix your AI or stop making new labels!

Part of the problem may have to do with the distance. The AI needs a certain number of pixels per object to have a high confidence interval. The farther away something is and the smaller it is, the lower the accuracy/confidence interval. For example, Floodlight Pro is optimized to around 30 feet for an average human. The Accuracy goes down the farther away the person is, and since pets are smaller, they are also more difficult to identify at the same distance. However, a vehicle is WAY larger, so it can be identified farther away.

Therefore, a person may trigger a motion event, and the AI can’t be confident that it is a person if they are far away, but at the same or slightly farther distance, it can still accurately identify a vehicle because it is so much larger, and thus covering more pixels. This is all a lot bigger of an issue when a camera is at lower resolution like 1080, as the detection distances are again decreased because there are fewer pixels being considered.

The above issues basically every camera company has to balance out…they can lower the confidence interval to detect things with few pixels/farther away, but that also increases more false detections, or they can tell it to be more confident but require objects to cover more pixels and be closer. It can be hard to know where to draw the line for all of that as both can be frustrating.

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I get the distance thing but the person and their large dog, were not far away from the camera and the AI didn’t label them, yet the parked vehicle was way farther away and it labeled it.

But as I said I really wish Wyze would stop adding new features and really focus on making what they have better, or at least work as advertised.