Stickers or Decals or Signs

I merged your topic here because Wyze already has sticker templates available. :slight_smile:


This item is unavailable - Etsy This one is the inside one! There are also static clings and outdoor waterproof ones in there. If you order mention that you are from the forum and you’ll get a bonus :slight_smile:


I mostly agree with this. In my state I don’t have to notify that I am recording.
However, I would never purposely give out the information on which system I was using because a crafty burglar would know exactly how to defeat it.


The individual sticker template links give a 404 error now.

(Sorry for the double post)

Thanks! The link goes to the page fine but the individual download links give a 404 error.

Well, isn’t that special! Thanks, I’ll let Wyze know.


Other than"thatmatt"'s stickers, you can find also other seller on Etsy on this URL: Wyze Cam Security Camera Badge Sticker Tags Wyze Officially - Etsy Canada

Personally, I bought from both sellers. Each one has a different perfect design. I do recommend both.

Exactly. :grinning::+1:

Maybe post a sign.for a well known company to scare the honest people away and let the crafty ones try to figure out where the alarm box might be.

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We’ve been working on our site today. I’ll check in tomorrow and see where we’re at. Sorry about the errors!


We had something else pop up that took resources away from this. They’re going to try to have it ready tomorrow so I’ll check back on Monday. :slight_smile:

Do you guys have security stickers, or deterrents on the front of your home?

You can find on Etsy:


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Thanks for posting my store! I’m the second one with the product shots (stickerfule). For the record, I did work with Amy and get approved to be selling mine in my store (I also created the templates for Wyze that they share as a downloadable on their site!). I’m not sure if the other listing is just taking some lingo from mine or if Wyze has approved another shop, but I did work with Wyze for approval on mine.

Either way, mine do come with a fun Wyze sticker sheet with some Wyze icons/logos :slight_smile:

I also offer a static cling version and a less expensive, waterproof outdoor version. The one linked here is my reverse print for inside windows!

Here is the sheet mine come with/on:

The “I can see you” will fit on the side of a Wyze cam if you want!


Personally. No I don’t advertise my security system on my house.

Personally, I have generic signs… No Trespassing, Beware of Dog, and 24-hour Surveillance on Premises. Plus, I actually have dogs so they provide an audio deterrent.

We’re working on getting the downloadable goodies available as products through our website. But in the meantime, we have this Dropbox folder that has them available. Though if you want them to be stickers, you should definitely check out @thatmatt’s store! :smiley:

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I ordered some from you last Monday. Still waiting, but I guess that’s the way it goes with international post.

Thanks for being patient and thanks for ordering! Canada post says it should take 7 business days for USA shipping but sometimes it’s a few more, we also had a holiday today so post won’t be moving if it’s on our side of the border! I ship via letter mail to keep the shipping rates reasonable, that’s why it takes a bit longer.


Everybody else has a warning decal to put on doors and windows advertising the product that is installed. Please think about this…

If you look above I do have some for sale or you can go to the Wyze site to download similar templates if you can make your own! I do have a discount code you can use at the moment (black Friday!) which is THATMATT for 10% off if you would rather purchase :slight_smile: if you have other ideas or sizes I also do take custom orders! Feel free to pm here or via etsy.

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