Status Unknown

Anyone seen this error message? “Status Unknown”? One of the continued problems with my Wyze products is these cameras go offline constantly. No it’s not the WiFi strength, yes I’ve turned them off and on multiple times and yes I have updated if it will allow me. These 3 will not.

submit log(s)

and post in Fix it Friday

If you have OFFline Static screen.

you cannot turn off Camera through App (under More)
you cannot restart Camera using App through setting.

You can update firmware this way:

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They are in status unknown because they are not making the IoT connection, you can still view them live but they show as offline. Like @cf7 said you are unable to turn off or restart through app, you are also unable to do an over the air firmware update. This is a known issue and a fix is being worked on, I do not have an ETA unfortunately. Sometimes if you unplug power from it, it will reestablish the connection for a bit allowing you to update the firmware. This does not always work though.

Will not turn off or restart. What is Fix it Friday? Thanks

I am having the same problem

To turn it off and power cycle it you need to unplug it for approx 30 seconds and then plug it back in for wired cams.

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Goto “What is New” Wyze sub forum. you will find Fix it Friday

If you have Status Unknown above your firmware, you need to reflash firmware.
I suspect it is Wyze server hiccup at the end of the fkash update.