Sprinkler WaterSense Certification

It would be great if Wyze could apply and get certification for the EPA for the WaterSense program for the sprinkler-controller. This would allow for rebates provided by various water districts for the controller.

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This is an excellent idea! Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

Just here to vote on this. It would be very handy.

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Agreed! I just found out about this, and it would be great if Wyze could certify their device!

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Just applied for the credit in my state. Didn’t qualify because I don’t have the WaterSense label. Let’s make it happen Wyze. These units would sell themselves.

It’s in the works! Currently in their affiliated testing lab. :slight_smile:


That’s great news, thank you!!!

This is good news. Any word on how soon we can expect the certification to be confirmed?

I wish I had a date! It is dependent on the amount of varied weather data they can collect. We started in May and have been regularly updated by them. I’m hoping for late August or September.


I hope we have an update soon! :slight_smile:

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Agreed! Any update yet? :grinning:

We have passed lab testing and are waiting for final certification steps!


That’s great news, thank you!!

We are officially certified! Woohoo :tada:


Thanks for your persistence.

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Great work!! I’m excited, I’m going to apply for a rebate from my utility company now!

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When will it show up on the official website? Wyze isn’t on there yet.


EPA takes about 3-4 weeks to update it on the website, but you can find the certificate and reference number here if needed. The model name under the listing is WSPRK1. Let me know if I am missing anything!
PMG-1624 Final Report.pdf (188.0 KB)


That is great news! Now to find out if my utilities will do a rebate - I have a feeling my purchase might be too old to qualify. :frowning:

Hey, thanks Wyze!

One more step, though…

Would someone from Wyze please bug Water Sense people to update their website? As cool as it is that the certification went through, I don’t know if it’s going to help the end users very much (in terms of qualifying for rebate) if it isn’t officially listed on their website.

Thank you!!!

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