Sprinkler Controller - Update zone's soil moisture for Quick Run

When I do a “Quick Run” watering of a zone, the particular zone’s soil moisture does not get updated. As if there was no watering. I’m not talking about 3-4 minutes, but rather a substantial 15 minute of running the sprinklers using “quick run”. This should count in the watering history similar to the rain history and past scheduled watering intervals to better estimate the soil moisture.

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Normally I see mine eventually update from a quick run. It won’t show shortly after running but when I check later in the day it does. However, I have experienced an issue where the moisture didn’t update after a smart run. It ran for an hour and the moisture was 0. I know it ran because the ground was soaked. But the app never showed that the smart run occurred and it wanted to run it again the next day. If I hadn’t of checked it and manually updated the moisture, the unit would have double watered my lawn. And if it kept not updating my moisture after each run - indefinitely.