Sprinkler Plus wants to water for 7 hours in one day

Just got my Sprinkler controller set up with Sprinkler Plus. The “smart” schedule wants to water my lawn for 6 hours and 47 minutes tomorrow. That’s crazy. Does anyone know if that amount of time includes delays for the soak cycle? I don’t have soil sensors. Would those help the smart cycle calculate the right amount of watering time?

I’m a little disappointed that the app doesn’t provide more feedback on what it is using to calculate the smart schedule and what the various schedules actually mean.

Anyone experiencing this?

Update December 4, 2021
I spent a good amount of time learning all the different options and criteria for the zones. After a few weeks of trial, I have gotten things dialed in really well. It waters only when it needs it. I do have to manually water rarely on the really hot or dry weeks in the summer. But mostly, it is now running just right on it’s own. So nice not to have to think about watering

In the zone for your lawn there are settings that pertain to soil type and crop type. I have found that those settings severely impact how the controller determines current moisture level as well as future water needs. So kinda playing around with those and looking up the different terms they use got me close to what I think mine needs to be. Maybe start there and see if that makes a more sensible change.

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