Manual program sprinkler controller

I’m just trying to get the controller to go on several times a day for 10 minutes each on a couple of zones. How do I program this thing to go on when I want it on and off when I want it off, not on their broken up schedule? I just want to do a simple program that I set.

1st delete the default schedule by swiping left on the schedule, then just create your own schedules for the times and days for 10 minutes each zone. You have to create a schedule for each time you want to have it run.

Cool, thanks. I’ll give it a try!

I just tried it with a 10 minute run time. It ran for 4 minutes. I’m guessing it will run again for 4 minutes later and skip the other zone I programed. That’s what it’s been doing. I just want full programming control for now. I don’t want it to choose when it waters. It says they there is 1 hour 10 minutes to go on a 10 minute program

Make sure these options are turned off.

No skips here. It will run the 10 minutes of watering but it splits it up with 4 minute watering then 30 minute soak times in the middle. Very frustrating

Cycle/soak turned off?

I guess I’m not sure where that is. I think that would do it though

It appears that was it! It is a plus option and I hadn’t activated it until I was sure I wanted the controller. After I did, there was the option. Thanks for all your help