Sprinkler plus update for Smart schedules

Here’s my question: If I changed the system details (soil type and grass/shrub/etc) will the smart schedule automatically update with this new information?

When I first set up my sprinkler system, I knew what type of watering system I had (fixed sprinklers plus drip line) but I did not know what sort of plants/grass I have and soil, I selected whatever came out first and/or reasonable within the app options. This generated an automated schedule that has been set ever since.

I have now updated the system information with more accurate options given by my father in law (he is an expert in local plants and stuff like that). However I do not see anywhere an option to have the schedule and watering options be updated with this new information. Should I assume the Sprinkler plus system will update over time or do I have to do something else? I am thinking disabling/removing the existing auto schedule and then create a brand new smart schedule within the app.

Yes it will update. It may take it an hour or so.

I’ve updated my soil type, grass type, in/hr, slopes, sun exposure, etc while fine tuning my zones. Later the same day I will always see the changes in the smart schedule such as length of watering, soak times, and changing the day of next watering.

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