Choosing between smart or fixed schedule

When using sprinkler plus do I have the option of using smart or my fixed schedule? The system seems to only use the smart schedule. I can’t seem to find a way to change over to my fixed schedule.

I think it’s one or the other. For a minute I tried the Smart Schedule but due to the makeup of my property it just wasn’t working out. Too much or too little watering all over the place. So I then made Fixed Schedules and I have a Smart Schedule in between them to catch anything that it otherwise deems inadequate, but it has never ran. Even when otherwise on the Smart Schedule it wanted to water for a much longer period compared to my Fixed Schedule. So I am thinking that having a fixed schedule cancels out the Smart Schedule.

Much like once you wire an external rain sensor it seems to defeat the Sprinkler Plus rain prediction feature.

In any regard, we need more in depth documentation beyond the basic FAQ they have listed.

How were you able to tell your controller to run your fixed schedule instead of the smart schedule? I keep looking for a setting that lets me pick my fixed schedule over the smart one but I can’t seem to find it.

Finally figured it out just had to create more schedules. Apparently the first schedule I created was the smart one. I thought it was a fixed schedule so I created another fixed schedule and now I have a choice to run either one or both.

During the initial setup of the schedule it asks whether its a Fixed or Smart schedule. And then within each there are toggles to turn them on/off and there also is a master toggle.

What I am unsure about though is if both types actually work. In all my experience with it I have not seen my Smart Schedule trigger once when Fixed schedules are active.

After I set up my fixed schedule my smart schedule was still set to water tomorrow. After my fixed schedule ran this morning the smart schedule canceled tomorrow’s watering. So it appears active but will probably never have to water as long as fixed schedule is active.