Wyze Sprinkler moisture saturation

How does the app know the soil moisture? I didn’t install my system and I don’t have moisture sensors installed either? Is it possible my sprinkler heads have a moisture sensor?

Negative. There are external third party moisture sensors that can be integrated with the sprinkler controller. The sprinkler controller without an actual sensor seems to use the weather data to guestimate the soil moisture in your area.

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The guesstimate seems quite accurate. I thought that might be the case but I’m still surprised.

Well - still the guesstimate makes no sense.
I setup the controller up about 4 weeks ago.
The S/W decided that 2 lawn areas which are side by side and set up the same way
Have different moisture content - one 23% the other one 35%
Both get the same time of watering but the moisture does not change linear.
I ordered a couple of moisture probes to check

I have found that even minute changes in the settings for zones result in big moisture changes. In both those zones you should double check that all your settings are identical, even down to the advanced sections they have such as root depth, sprinkler efficiency, etc.

Let me know what you ended up getting and how it works for you. I have rain sensor integrated with the sprinkler controller but the moisture sensors seem more of a hassle.

edit; maybe @WyzeShanee has some more insight

Received the moisture sensors yesterday 6 pieces total 3 different manufactures.
While they are inexpensive - for what they costed they work well. They all show the same results with some variation.
As of yesterday my back lawn shows on the app 0% moisture
It is watered 2x a day for 6min each cycle.
The moisture sensor had been eveny distributed over the area and showing moist to wet in a depth of 2 to 3 inch.
And the grass is green :slight_smile:
So I have no idea how this algorithm works, next sep need to think about how to measure the flow rate.

Can you link me what sensors you’ve used? Curious to see if they would wok for me as well.

Been workin on my irrigation so been through this one. Simplest way is to find the most unimpeded outlet. Meaning preferably not a faucet but an output from a main line or similar. 5 gallon bucket, fill with water and time how long it takes to fill. From there you can calculate a Gallon Per Minute flow rate.