Need advice on compatible lawn soil Moisture sensors


Can anyone help me on deciding on this. I want to automate my lawn watering system… I have a 4 zone sprinler system its a old system… moving to Wyze was a huge upgrade but I want to leverage the SMARTNESS that Wyze offers. with that being said… Since I can depend on Sprinkler plus subscription (10$ for a year…lol), I can eliminate rain sensor. but wondering if there is a compatible Soil mositure senor out there to make sure I am not over watering my lawn ? Rain sensor prevents water waste by making sure we are not watering when it rains but what about excess watering… all that water just sinks into the ground… when the grass is only on the top layer… too much watering is also a waste right ? Please recommend a Soil moisture sensor that works with Wyze sprinkler system.

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Welcome to the forums! A search of the Support page for the Wyze Sprinkler Controller sheds this webpage, which i think is what your looking for. There is also a wiring link on the bottom of this linked page to help with install.

Here is the link to the main support page for the Sprinker Controller if you have any more questions, or would like to cruise around the FAQs… :slight_smile:

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