Toro Soil Sensor does not work with Sprinkler Controller

Wyze Sprinkler Controller will not respond to Toro wireless soil monitor. They are wired exactly according to your documentation. Wyze Sprinkler Controller continues to water no matter whether Toro is in watering mode or prohibit watering mode. I have a support ticket from an email that I sent (2102418) but the responses have been boilerplate and less than helpful. Has anyone had a problem with a soil sensor?

I have a different brand soil sensor which has been working great. Can you provide some more info here? Possibly picture of how you have it wired. Model of the Toro sensor? Firmware on the sprinkler controller? The sensor is enabled on the correct terminal in the settings page for the controller?

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Thanks for your reply. To answer your questions:
PIcture of wired controller:
[chrome_eGhKeTX40a.png - Google Drive]
Wiring Diagram from Wyze documentation:
[ApplicationFrameHost_PpaXJHYCIT.png - Google Drive]
Toro Sensor Model: Toro Precision Soil Sensor System (no model #)
Wyze Firmware Version: 1.0.8
The sensor is enabled on terminal labeled S1 which is correct according to Wyze documentation.

Any help anyone has would be most appreciated!

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Thank you for all that! So it appears that all your connections are indeed correct. Simple method of elimination, I would initially try swapping the brown and yellow wire and see if the system works in that configuration. Reason being that the Toro unit has NC (brown) and NO (yellow) outputs so it could just be that documentation is wrong.

Beyond that I would suggest to review the settings in the Toro device. Just a quick glance at its instruction manual shows it does have a few features which might otherwise cause it to behave different as expected. If you are so inclined one other troubleshooting approach is to grab a multimeter and confirm that the Toro brown/yellow have voltage output while the unit is allowing watering. Its low voltage so you should be expecting about 24V on those readings. This would for sure rule out the Toro device and otherwise bring it back to the Wyze controller.

If all that checks out it really could be in the Wyze controller. There has been a persistent issue with watering times and schedules as discussed here → Can't get sprinkler schedule to work - #65 by WyzeShanee Although not the same symptoms you are experiencing it would not surprise me since technically the sensor speaks into a schedule and you are on that 1.0.8 firmware mentioned in that thread.

tagging @WyzeShanee in case there is additional insight.