Rain and soil sensors provided by Wyze for the Sprinkler (or reasonable inexpensive recommendations)

Wyze only provides a list of which current rain and soil sensors are compatible with its Sprinkler. Why not also provide these sensors under the Wyze brand, to assure compatibility at the Wyze reasonable price? At the very least, which are the recommended sensors that work best at the lowest price?

would be nice if you could integrate with the Ecowitt WH51, it’s cheap and works well and its gateway can publish directly to an http(s) endpoint

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A Wyze wireless soil moisture sensor to go with the controller

Soil moisture sensor

Wyze should make a soil moisture sensor for in home and yard. Theres an option for the sprinkler controller to connect to one but none available from wyze.

Also could be used in household plants to remind people like me to water when the soil dries out.